We’re dedicated to saving our planet’s endangered wildlife, and 100% of our profits go to organizations working toward that same goal.

By shining a light on individual plants and animals, we hope that Wild & Rare products function as miniature billboards, focusing our attention on smaller, more manageable parts of the environmental crisis.

In 2018, both the National Climate Assessment, produced by a consortium of 13 federal agencies, and the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, warned that the planet’s temperature is rising more quickly and damagingly than anticipated, and that by 2040 much of the earth will suffer severe consequences. The last several years have been among the hottest on record, habitats are being irrevocably destroyed. The World Wildlife Fund reports that the world’s wildlife populations have decreased by 60% in the last 40 years, and that more than two dozen species go extinct every day.

The scale of the threat to our complex interdependent web of life is overwhelming. But every action matters, and it’s now or never. Each Wild & Rare piece highlights a particular endangered species. They are meant to be tiny conversation starters and calls to action for all who see them to do their part to protect our planet. Our goal is to use the story of an individual creature or plant in jeopardy—a butterfly, a fox, a coral reef—to tell a bigger story.

At this time, all of our profits are donated to The World Wildlife Fund in support of their over half-century of work preserving our planet’s biodiversity. However, if you work for a nonprofit committed to environmentalism, conservation, or any number of wildlife preservation efforts, and are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch